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The Virtual Classroom
Benefits of E-Learning
The Learning Management System
Employee Handbooks


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Course Materials

  Attach spreadsheets, PDF documents or any other type of file to a course to be included in the course catalog and accessible by learners. Note that these materials can be optionally open to anyone viewing the course catalog or designated as accessible to only students enrolled in the course.

Flexible Content Organization

  By organizing lessons into courses and courses into nested catalogs, virtually any content organization can be created.

Bookmarking Support

  Supports SCORM-based tracking that allows students to continue lessons right where they left off.

Restricted Access


Course catalogs can optionally be made restricted so that only those people who have been given proper access rights can view them.

Course Forums (Optional)

  Allow your students to have threaded discussions related to specific courses.



We want to make online learning available and affordable to your entire organization, including your staff, volunteers, and members.

Subject Matter Experts Needed
If you have experience in Title Insurance, Mortgage Education, Human Resource Management, CPA education, or Insurance education, I want to talk to you.  I am always looking to expand my catalog of courses and I need Subject Matter Experts to help to develop content. 

Get your name out there as an expert in your field and receive a royalty every time someone takes the course you helped to develop.

If you are interested, contact me