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The Virtual Classroom
Benefits of E-Learning
The Learning Management System
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We have these courses available and we are growing all the time

State Approved Title Insurance Continuing Education

 State Approved Continuing Legal Education

Convert your Handbook to Digital!!!

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CyberLearnPro works with our clients to help them develop online courses for a variety of business and educational purposes.  We provide a full range of eLearning services, from content design and development to comprehensive learning deployment and implementation. CyberLearnPro designs each solution to meet the specific needs of our individual clients. CyberLearnPro creates engaging, functional and effective eLearning content to help drive results, whether it be for business or in education. With deep industry knowledge, state of the art learning processes and technologies and with proven delivery capabilities CyberLearnPro is ready to help you convert your learning investments into a high performance workforce.

By incorporating highly interactive content, users of CyberLearnPro built courses find it difficult not to keep pressing that 'next' button to see what lies ahead.  Gone are the days of the constant struggle to get your employees or students to complete their training.

Users of CyberLearnPro content are constantly challenged throughout their learning experience. Our content is built to comply with eLearning industry tracking standards and contains all the required functionality to integrate with our Learning Management System that can be branded to create a learning portal for your organisation including full tracking and reporting capability.

What you get

  • Your Branded Website
    • CyberLearnPro will set up a website for your courses that will have the same look and feel of your site so that your customers will feel at home and secure.
  • Extensive reporting
    • Keep track of every learner that registers on your site
    • Keep track of every course that every learner is enrolled in and their progress
  • Certificates of Completion
    • The system automatically makes available certificates of completion for every course completed by the learner
  • Secure gateway for the purchase of courses

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We want to make online learning available and affordable to your entire organization, including your staff, volunteers, and members.

Subject Matter Experts Needed
If you have experience in Title Insurance, Mortgage Education, Human Resource Management, CPA education, or Insurance education, I want to talk to you.  I am always looking to expand my catalog of courses and I need Subject Matter Experts to help to develop content. 

Get your name out there as an expert in your field and receive a royalty every time someone takes the course you helped to develop.

If you are interested, contact me