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Mission Statement

CyberLearnpro exists to provide top quality online learning in a variety of professions. We offer learning modules designed to engage the learner so that content is retained and usable in his or her daily work life. We make our training available online so that it is accessible to the widest audience at a time convenient to the learner.

CyberLearnPro, was founded as Learntitle.com, LLC to meet the growing education needs and requirements for Title Insurance Professionals. That segment of the business has grown into course offereings in 6 states.  Title education courses soon led to continuing legal education.  Many title insurance agents are also attorneys that need continuing legal education.  Our courses have been approved for continuing legal education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we continue to try and expand into other states.  After some time it has become apparent that the name Learntitle was too limiting.  In response to requirements for Mortgage Originators, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for Attorneys and Human Resource Certification.  LearnTitle became CyberLearnPro and began offering courses in mortgage education, legal education and HRCI certified Human Resource Management courses.

We also provide education for corporate clients and their teams in order to enhance their work quality and meet their annual continuing education requirements.  Finally we provide the necessary educational requirements for individuals who are seeking a career as a mortgage professional along with anyone who would like a basic understanding of mortgage topics, title insurance, continuing legal education, or human resources.

Art Oswald has been in the education business since 1974 and has a strong proven track record. In 2007, Art used all of his experience and training to launch the first online courses for title insurance professionals.   Since then, the business has grown into education for Mortgage Originators, Attorneys and HR professionals.

Online courses are all that we do.  In this day of busy professionals, we want to make education accessible when the learner is available.  After 5, on weekends, whenever you have a few minutes, you can take one of our courses.  You don't have to wait for a live seminar, just log on and take the course.

Our vision is to provide a quality educational experience for clients, both corporate and individual, that will enhance personal careers and meet corporate objectives.  In alignment with this vision, CyberLearnPro seeks out trainers who are experts in their fields.  Our trainers possess experience in both classroom instruction and their respective industry be it title insurance, mortgage education, continuing legal education or HR certification.

Email us at admin@CyberLearnPro.com for more information.

We want to make online learning available and affordable to your entire organization, including your staff, volunteers, and members.

Subject Matter Experts Needed
If you have experience in Title Insurance, Mortgage Education, Human Resource Management, CPA education, or Insurance education, I want to talk to you.  I am always looking to expand my catalog of courses and I need Subject Matter Experts to help to develop content. 

Get your name out there as an expert in your field and receive a royalty every time someone takes the course you helped to develop.

If you are interested, contact me