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The Virtual Classroom
Benefits of E-Learning
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Benefits of eLearning

When deploying high quality eLearning solutions to your workforce or student body, there are a number of benefits over using traditional instructor led methods. Some of these are:

Savings in course costs
Save significantly over comparable instructor led classroom training with no reduction in course content or quality.

Online training is convenient and accessible 24 x 7 to suit your employee’s and/or students schedules.

Mitigate impact of staff availability and lost income
Online training may be completed in modules when your employees have the time, therefore lost income in busy times is cut to a minimum.

No travel costs
With eLearning there is a significant reduction (if not total negation) of any course related travel and accommodation costs.

Self paced
Unlike classroom training, the use of eLearning enables students to learn at their own pace. Quite often a classroom based environment will contain a wide cross section of learner competency levels which means that classroom based training is either conducted too quickly (in the view of less advanced learners) or too slowly (in the view of more advanced learners).

Automatic results tracking
When assessment content is incorporated into an eLearning course, student results and competency can be automatically recorded and tracked. This negates the requirement to conduct time consuming, manual assessments along with the collation and reporting of results.

We want to make online learning available and affordable to your entire organization, including your staff, volunteers, and members.

Subject Matter Experts Needed
If you have experience in Title Insurance, Mortgage Education, Human Resource Management, CPA education, or Insurance education, I want to talk to you.  I am always looking to expand my catalog of courses and I need Subject Matter Experts to help to develop content. 

Get your name out there as an expert in your field and receive a royalty every time someone takes the course you helped to develop.

If you are interested, contact me